tisdag 13 december 2016

EVROPA Gallery Steinsland Berliner STHLM

When Birds Fall Silent

Photo: Hans-Olof Utsi

When Birds Fall Silent 2016

Oil and flashe on plywood, black-light, 565x381 cm
Comissioned by Statens Konstråd for Luleå Tekniska Universitet

måndag 17 oktober 2016

EVROPA, Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm

Oil and flashe on canvas, 160x130 cm

 Brüder Des Schattens, Söhne Des Lichts 2016
Oil and flashe on canvas, 180x130 cm

Come And Do Your Will In Me  2016
Oil and flashe on canvas, 120x100 cm

Yesterday Never Was, Tomorrow Never Is 2016
Oil and flashe on canvas, 120x100 cm

Irrljus 2016
Oil and flashe on canvas, 220x170 cm

What To Do 2016
Oil and flashe on canvas, 200x160 cm

söndag 15 maj 2016

Got It For Cheap vol II, III, IV, V, VI

GIFC is a traveling group show of over 200 artists. All the works are on roughly 30 x 21cm (A4) paper and priced at 30 dollars. The works that are not sold during the shows will revert to their market prices the following day.

The idea is to create a democratic model where established, up-and-coming and unknown artists can show and sell alongside one another. The price is set at 30 dollars to make the works affordable to people who are normally not able to buy original works as well as encouraging the artists to make quick and loose drawings. All works will be arranged in stacks by artist on tables or shelves at the gallery to make it easy for visitors to shuffle through the artworks.

GIFC is put on by the artists Charlie Roberts and Chris Rexroad. 

David Risley Gallery Copenhagen May 4th, Happy Ending NYC May 6th, T Haik HQ Oslo May 19th, Gallery Steinsland Berliner Stockholm May 20th, Galerie du Jour Agnès B Paris July 21st

fredag 22 april 2016

Eat and shit art

I´ve created a smoked liquorice in collaboration with Swedish liquorice company Kol-Art.
It´s called Sult which is a Scandinavian word for starve.

The figure was made as a small bronze sculpture which exists in an edition of 66. It comes in a numbered cardboard box, folded in a piece of elk skin on a bed of hay. Also attached is a song printed on a card. You can look here for more information: http://www.kol-art.se/
and here: https://www.facebook.com/kolartab 

Vakna lilla videung
Smek min kind
Var dag är tung

Regn och kyla
Storm och vind
Någon gömt sig på vår vind

Ve och fasa, rök så svart
Skymmer åter stjärnklar natt

Trollemor fördrivits väck
Mjölken sinad, slut på späck

Hon drog till stan, vår trollemor
Det sägs att hon bedriver hor

Fåglar tystna Mossan brinna
Marken skaka Klockor klinga
Bären multna
Vi sitter sultna

Vakna nu du videung